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Prosperous Communities is an experienced consulting, research, and training organization dedicated to creating prosperous and economically vibrant communities through workforce housing, entrepreneurship and small business development, and leadership development for tomorrow’s community leaders.

Dr. Bill Hettinger, the Founder and President of Prosperous Communities, is an internationally known expert in community leadership, economic development, and workforce housing solutions.

Dr. Bill’s first book, Living and Working in Paradise, describes the housing market failure that has occurred in resort communities and offers strategies and solutions to overcome this failure.  His second book, Finance Without Fear, guides the entrepreneur through the creation of a profitable and sustainable business.

Prosperous Communities combines academic rigor with real world knowledge and experience to devise and implement effective solutions to complex business and social problems.

Prosperous Communities serves resort communities, cities and towns worldwide, national and local nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and the most valuable engine of our economy – the entrepreneur.


Workforce Housing Solutions

One of the questions that I’m often asked during my housing presentations is “Why do we have to intervene and fix the housing shortage? Why can’t we just let the free market do it?” The answer is, “The free market has failed.” In economic terms, housing supply and demand are out of balance and the market is not able to correct this imbalance. The market has failed because there are a series of external factors (“externalities’) - government regulations and other factors - that effect the free functioning of the market and prevent the supply of housing from growing to equal the demand.         Read More...


To be successful in starting a small business, an entrepreneur has four needs: a belief that they can do it; an intimate understanding of the their product and their market; a basic understanding of the financial, marketing, and operational elements of running a business; and access to people and resources who can help. Read More…

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